After Care Guide

Caring for your Nook product is easy when you follow our handy cleaning tips to keep it looking fresh for longer.


Regularly vacuuming your kitchen booth is an essential part of its care. This will help eliminate dust and dirt deposits, which can cause fabric wear plus colour fading.

Cleaning it once a week is ideal. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to remove dust gently by gently brushing over the fabric.


Treating spills or stains

In the case of spillage, quickly dry the fabric by dabbing it with an absorbent, clean, dry cloth, or paper tissue. Do not use anything wetter than a damp cloth. Whether your kitchen booth is made of woven, velvet, chenille, or faux leather, always blot the stain and avoid rubbing the stain into the fabric.

If spots or stains persist, we recommend a) professional dry cleaning in situ or b) upholstery cleaning fluid used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When using any cleaning agent, we recommend spot testing on a non-visible area before attempting to clean more prominent stains on your kitchen booth.

*Nook Home cannot accept responsibility for any issue arising from the cleaning of your upholstery.


Fabric care

Direct sunlight – We recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to protect your Nook booth from fading. On sunny days, draw your curtains and blinds and consider positioning your kitchen booth away from direct sunlight.

Sharp objects – such as buckles and jewellery, can pull or tear the fabric fibres and cause permanent damage. Do not allow pets to claw or scratch your furniture.

Velvet and Chenilles – Fabrics with a pile characteristic may show a shading or creasing effect. This effect is also called ‘watermarking’, ‘pooling’ ‘tracking’ or ‘pile pressure’ and is most noticeable on chenille or plain velvets.

These areas of shading occur due to the angle of the pile and may be permanent. Whilst this may be accentuated by lighting or frequent use, it does not affect the quality or wear life of the fabric and is not a fault in manufacture.

Dye transfer – Care should be taken, particularly on light-coloured fabrics, as it is possible to get dye transfer from non-dye-fast clothing, e.g. denim.


Re-upholstery service

Fancy a new look? Can’t get rid of the stains, or perhaps your kitchen booth is looking a bit tired? Please get in touch with our team for a re-upholstery quote at hello@nookhome.co.uk

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