The most commonly asked questions about Nook products can be found here. Can’t quite find the answer you were looking for? Just contact our friendly customer service team.

  • How long until I receive my Nook?

    All Nook products are handmade to order. The lead time for delivery is 4 to 6 weeks, starting from the moment you place your order.

  • What happens when I place my order?

    You will receive a notification from us as soon as you place your order to thank you for choosing Nook. Our team will get to work straight away on scheduling your product into our factory. Five days from placing your order, your Nook will begin production and we’ll send you the date that your product will be ready to leave the factory. When the product is finished to our high standards, we’ll hand it over to our trusted delivery partners, The Home Delivery Guys.

  • How are Nook products delivered ?

    We only ship items with our preferred delivery partner, The Home Delivery Guys. As soon as they have your Nook, they’ll be in touch to let you know your delivery date.

    All our delivery drivers have received specialist training for the handling and assembly of our products – they care for Nook products as much as we do!

    If you’ve opted for free standard delivery, we will deliver as a one man team. Please ensure that an additional pair of hands is on hand at the delivery address to help move your Nook into its final position. Your Nook will be assembled by the delivery driver as part of the standard service.

    With our premium delivery option, we’ll deliver as a two man team. We’ll carry your Nook to the room of your choice, and assemble it too.

  • How are Nook products packaged?

    All of our products are delivered in reusable quilted wraps, which we recycle to keep our packaging use to a minimum. Our delivery drivers will take away the quilted wraps and any other protective packaging the team has added to ship your Nook safely.

  • Will Nook products fit in my home?

    All Nook products have been designed with your home in mind. As a rough guide, as long as your doorways, corridors and any corners have an open clear space of 655mm, our delivery partners will be able to get your Nook into your chosen space. Before you order, please check out our detailed Measuring Up guide to make sure your chosen Nook will fit.

  • How big are Nook products?

    External dimensions, seat height and seat depth are listed on the product page. We’ve also added some handy diagrams to make sure you’re getting the right size for your space. If you’re unsure about anything, just send us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

  • How do I assemble my Nook?

    If you’ve ordered a bench or a quarter circle booth, then congratulations, you can use your Nook as soon as it arrives! For larger configurations, some assembly is required. Luckily, our delivery drivers are specially trained to do exactly that. Once your Nook is in the right location, they’ll assemble your booth and remove any packaging from your home.

  • Can I connect Nook products together in any combination I want?

    The short answer is… yes! That’s the beauty of the Nook collection. Each piece is designed to connect with everything else in the range. You’ll find our recommended configurations in the web shop, but the possibilities really are endless – we’ll get in touch once you’ve placed your order to make sure the factory and assembly team have everything they need to deliver your dream Nook. If you need any further help, our helpful team are just a click away.

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